This is a slightly edited excerpt of an email I just sent to a business consultant who has me help his clients with websites, design and SEO.  The client has a current website that I’ve fully optimized with page titles, keywords and other standard SEO steps and it was time for the client to take the reins for his own search engine ranking.

There are three things the [the client] can do to proceed along this marathon of SEO that I just cannot do for him without his help.

  1. Be active on the social media sites.  Twitter and Facebook are both equally important.  This involves producing (writing) and/or sharing original content, relevant articles etc on a regular basis.  This is not only seen by search engines, it also leads to the next thing more inbound links.
  2. Get more inbound links, the internet is like a big popularity contest, and search engines look for the most popular sites as part of their process in determining search results.  The main way they judge popularity, is links back to your site.  Obviously, if you have a great site with great content, others will link back to it, thus the rankings.  Right now you have 9 sites linking back to you, the higher this number, the higher your search ranking.
  3. Also closely related to #’s 1 and 2, produce original content.  This means writing articles for local online publications, write a blog (I’m happy to help set that up), join online communities.  Get your site out there, the more its out there, the easier it will be for search engines to find you and consider you relevant.

When the rubber really hits the road, the one single thing you can do to increase your search engine ranking and traffic is to produce great content and share it.  Shoot, even average content will help get you traffic, but great content will get you business.

Time and hard work almost always pays off when it comes to search rankings.  Just pick your focus, be consistent, and you will see results!

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

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