Local Search Engine Optimization

Netskimo is here to help small local businesses, that’s why we only do Local SEO.  Local SEO helps you get found by clients who are in your geographic area.  If you’re located in Topeka Kansas, you will see increased traffic from people in and around Topeka, not Dallas Texas!

The Local SEO Process


Step 1: Audit Everything

The first step is to audit your entire online presence.  From your website, to keywords to local listings.  We go through every aspect of your company online.


Step 2: On-Page SEO

The first changes we make are you your site itself.  From keyword research, page titles and alt tags to broken links and redirects, we make sure your site is set up for success.

Step 3: Local Citations

Next we make sure your Local Citations are in order.  This includes listings on Yelp, YP.com, Super Pages, Yahoo! Local and more.  These give your business weight for searches in your area.

Step 4: Social & Media Citations

Social Media, and Rich Media Citations come last.  This will include Citations linking to your site from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also media sites like Youtube, Vimeo and Flickr.

How much does Netskimo Local SEO cost?

At Netskimo, we are focused on Small Businesses and Individuals who won’t be working with a six-figure budget for SEO.  We have several low-cost plans that are tailored to fit every businesses budget.  Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

Why dont you list Link Building?

One factor that search engines look for to determine a sites authority and ranking is backlinks.  These are links back to your site from other sources.  In theory, the more of these there are, and from the more authoritative sites, mean your site is worthy of a higher ranking in search results.

The sad part is due to this many SEO companies sell backlinks via link building.  These can be “White Hat” or within the search engines guidelines via sources like blog articles on reputable sites in your industry.  They can also be “Black Hat” or created with methods the search engines have rules against.  If caught, your site can be penalized and lose all the ranking you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

There are plenty of reputable SEO agencies that offer link building.  However, for Local SEO, the best way to achieve a great ranking is through the methods we use at Netskimo, coupled with a high quality website publishing high quality content that serves your clients.

Can you just audit the citations I already have?

If you already have a significant amount of citations you’ve amassed over time, then great!  We can audit them and clean up any missing or incorrect information, broken links and more.  Just for one example…

If your business address is 123 Main St Suite 3, Los Angeles, CA, but one citation has “123 Main St, Los Angeles…” and another has “123 Main Suite 3” these are hurting your results.  The same if you have different phone numbers, or maybe you moved offices and haven been able to update all your listings.

This is one of the many items Netskimo can clean up for you.  Contact us for more information.

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