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Local SEO

We only do Local SEO, so your business is found by genuine prospective customers.

Website Design

We do simple, effective and professional websites to get set you apart from the crowd.

Digital Consulting

We specialize what we do, so we’re able to focus on just what makes you profitable.

“I have worked with Danny now on the creation of four web sites over the last five years.  Danny can be counted on to represent accurately any person or company that desires their brand to shine!” – Rick W.

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Netskimo is a small Local SEO agency located in Southern California.  We specialize in Local SEO, Web Design and Digital Consulting for Small Business and Individuals.  We focus on Local so you can be found easily by your prospective customers, and only take on a few clients at a time in order to give you the best SEO or Web Design service, your business can get the best results.  Contact us today to see what we can do to help you grow your business.

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